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Santa Fe Pre K Center Program

Our Vision

Santa Fe Centers is dedicated to providing sensory activities that current early childhood education research shows is essential to building the neural connections necessary for optimal growth.

Whether through manipulating novel materials and textures; enjoying the scents of foods; moving to music; conversing and problem solving with teachers and friends; or observing colors and patterns; to taking walks in strollers; using push toys or riding scooters; climbing and running; or sledding down a hill children at Santa Fe have the opportunity to explore and grow actively using their whole body and all of their senses. We will continue to advocate for children both at Santa Fe and the community.

Our Centers

SantaFeSignInfant Toddler Center  (3 mos. – 2 1/2 yrs.)

Cuddly Cubs:Young and Mobile Infants Munchkins: Toddlers

Pre-K & Kindergarten Center

Caterpillars: 2.5 years – 3.5 years Butterflies: 3.5 years – 4 years Pre-K: 4 years – 5 years Kindergarten: 5 + years (as available)


Our Director

Jane Coleman Cabildo, our director and co-owner, comes to us with many years’ experience as a Pediatric nurse beginning at NYU Medical Center in Manhattan.  She has worked at local area hospitals, Overlook, St. Barnabas and Morristown Memorial as a staff nurse, head nurse and coordinator of various departments.  Several of her years at both St. Barnabas and Children’s Specialized Hospital were spent in the nursing education departments helping with education of new and seasoned nurses as well as developing and operationalizing standards in the care of the newborn through adolescence.  At Children’s Specialized she was instrumental in starting a parent support group to help families deal with the care of their children.  Many of these families were dealing with chronic illness, severe trauma, developmental delays which added to the stress already present in their lives.  Her education in nursing was completed at Rutgers with a BS in Nursing and an MS in Maternal Child Nursing.  It is great to have a Pediatric nurse at Santa Fe ensuring that the children’s environment and education are optimal.

Our Team

Our teacher’s at Santa Fe are experienced, responsible and caring adults who share our belief in the importance of helping the development of the whole child and have experience in caring for children in a childcare environment. Our staff are screened and carefully selected. Several of our teachers have earned their CDA (Child Development Associates) Credential and many have a degree in Early Childhood Education. Our orientation for new staff includes Santa Fe’s philosophy as well as our vision and mission policies. Team members receive ongoing training to continue their education and are evaluated throughout the year. Training ranges from basic safety and health information to topics such as discipline and a variety of child development issues. CPR and First Aid certification is provided to our staff on a continuing basis.

Teacher/Child Ratios

To ensure quality care Santa Fe maintains optimal teacher/child ratios in order to provide for developmentally appropriate supervision. This allows the staff to spend more time with each child and provides a relaxed and warm atmosphere for the children. Please see the ratios below:

Age Group

New Jersey

Santa Fe

Young and Mobile Infants 1:4 1:3
18 months – 2.5 years 1:6 1:5
2.5 – 3.5 years 1:10 1:8
3.5 – 5 years  1:10 1:8
4 – 5.5 years  1:12 1:10
5 + years 1:15 1:12

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"Words cannot express how much you've touched our lives. You've nurtured and loved and empowered both our children. You've made us better parents and we will never forget you. I'm sure in 20 years we will be laughing with the kids saying "Remember when Miss ***** said, did... We cannot thank you enough for all that you've done for our family all these years - you make this world a better place every day!"

-Love, Family of 2 children enrolled from Infancy through PreK
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