SantaFe-PlayingInTheSnowYour child’s safety, developing self-confidence and sense of competence and enjoyment of their day is the primary mission of Santa Fe Centers.  We meet the developmental needs of our growing children and their families by providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating setting for children from infancy through Kindergarten.

The environment we provide for children in each classroom is based on current early childhood research, theory and developmentally appropriate practice noting that children learn best when they can explore and discover using materials that are of interest to them.  In practical terms, this allows children to be appreciated as individuals capable of directing their growth through an environment offering daily choices in self-directed play, ample exposure to nature, and opportunities to develop higher level thinking and problem solving with an array of toys, games, equipment and caring teachers guiding their daily experiences.

Through the use of thematic units in each classroom, teachers provide activities supporting development in the following domains:  sensory, language and vocabulary, large and small motor, creative expression and music and literature enjoyment.  The flexible curriculum meets the needs of children at each stage of development and awakens the child’s innate ability to “bloom” at their own pace.  Active learning experiences are available in the following interest areas:  sensory (including food experiences), blocks, dramatic play, art, and math and science.  By frequent changes to and enrichment of the environment throughout the year coinciding with the growth of the children, teachers support learning and creativity while simultaneously facilitating emerging literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts through developmentally appropriate care.

Parent participation is encouraged in all center activities including our parent/staff committee, classroom activities, center wide holiday events, or spur of the moment opportunities to spend time with your child in their classroom.  Through open communication and positive parent/teacher partnership, a child’s developing self-esteem, social skills, creativity, independence, self-care and a life-long passion for learning can be fully supported.

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"Thanks for all the wonderful care you've given my son over the past 2 years! We are very comfortable sending him at Santa Fe because we know that he is happy and well-loved! Thanks again for everything!"

Love, Family of child enrolled from Infancy
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