Santa Fe Centers Admission Policy

Children are accepted on a first come, first served basis according to the amount of space available. We encourage families to come for a tour of our centers. Our tours are usually scheduled in the morning.   Siblings of currently enrolled students are given first priority on our list. Children of anyone working for AT&T or Lucent, or belonging to the New Providence Methodist Church will be given priority placement as well.  For inquiries about our centers, please email  or submit an inquiry directly from our Contact Us  (Info Sheet) page.

Wait List

Families interested in having their child attend Santa Fe will be added to our wait list.  There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee.  This will give you priority for when you are ready to enroll your child.  It is always best to visit the center, but if you prefer to do this online there is a Waiting List form available on our website which can be submitted online.


If you would like to register your child please fill out the Registration Form.  There is a non-refundable Security Deposit due at the time of registration.  This Security Deposit will be applied to your last month at the day care, provided that you give us at least four weeks’ notice.  It is always best to visit the center, however there is a Registration Form available on our website which can be submitted online if you prefer.


Tuition may be paid monthly, bi-monthly or weekly.  Monthly payments are due the 1st of the month; bi-monthly the 1st and 15th of the month; and weekly no later than Tuesday of each week.  If either date falls on a weekend or holiday, please pay prior to that date.  Payments may be left in the mail boxes at either center.  You will receive an invoice via email.   It is our policy not to allow any reduction in the fee because of your child’s absence from the day care. (This includes absences due to sickness, holidays, vacations, etc.) We have determined a yearly rate, which, for your convenience has been divided into 12 equal payments, regardless of the number of days in each month. There will be a cost-of-living increase to tuition fees yearly, usually in June.

Every year we assign a certain amount for our Scholarship Program for individuals who may need this assistance.  If you need further information on this program please stop by the office.

Please make your checks payable to “Santa Fe Centers” and write in the memo section the time period for which you are paying (for instance, September 2014).  We provide receipts each month and at the end of the year to submit for dependent care accounts or tax purposes.  If you would like to receive monthly statements, please indicate this on your enrollment form.

Late/Improper Payments

Payments which are consistently late will receive a penalty of 3% in your account. Payments need to be received no later than the 6th day of the month. If a check is returned to us, due to insufficient funds, we will require you to reimburse the day care for any incurred bank fees or penalties. In addition, you must replace this payment immediately, or the 3% penalty will apply.

Child’s File

It is the State’s policy to keep your child’s file at our center for one year after leaving us.  Santa Fe does not allow copies of your information to leave the center.

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"Thank you so much for the wonderful care for our child. She very much enjoyed your class and learned a great deal. We much appreciate all your hard work and input into her development."

- Sincerely, Family of their child enrolled from age 2 through Kindergarten
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