Please plan on arriving at the centers with your child by 9:00am. It is disruptive to the routines of all the classrooms to have children arriving late each morning. We understand that there will be times when this is impossible or you are just running late. In those instances we ask that you call us at: 908-464-3848 or email for the Pre-K Center. Please call 908-665-1235 or email for the Infant Toddler Center so that we know your child will be attending and we are staffed accordingly in his/her room. If your child will be absent for the day, please contact us as well.

Center Closings

There are a number of reasons why we may close the centers; inclement weather, electrical outages or severe illness. Please call either the Infant Toddler Center, 908-665-1235 or the Pre-K Center, 908-464-3848. There will be a recording if the centers are closed or if there is a delayed opening.  If you hear our regular greeting, then we will open at the regular time. You may also check our website and there will be a message on the home page.

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"Words cannot express how much you've touched our lives. You've nurtured and loved and empowered both our children. You've made us better parents and we will never forget you. I'm sure in 20 years we will be laughing with the kids saying "Remember when Miss ***** said, did... We cannot thank you enough for all that you've done for our family all these years - you make this world a better place every day!"

-Love, Family of 2 children enrolled from Infancy through PreK
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