Pick Up & Drop Off

Infant/Toddler Center

Children must be dropped off and picked up through the rear of the building only. Enter the church property off Springfield Avenue (on the west end of the church), drive to the side of the building, and park in the rear parking lot. You cannot park on Springfield Avenue or in the circular drive at the front of the building. The parking lot cannot be entered from the rear off Holmes Oval. It is a condition of our use variance from the Borough of New Providence and Union County that traffic only enter/exit via Springfield Avenue and only park in the rear parking lot. We must abide by this condition and we need all the parents’ cooperation. Failure to comply will be sufficient reason for us to dismiss your child from the day care. A traffic flow and parking lot map will be included in the enrollment package prior to starting at either center.

Pre-K Center

Children in either the Butterflies or the Caterpillars program should enter through the front door. Children attending the Pre-K program should use the side entrance. Once you open the door, please proceed up the stairs to the classroom.

If you want your child to be picked up by someone other than you or your spouse please fill out an alternate pick-up form. A blanket form can be filled out for those individuals who will be frequently picking up your child. We cannot let anyone pick up your child who has not been specifically designated to do so, by a parent. If the staff is not familiar with the individual picking up your child, PLEASE have this person bring picture identification.

& Sign-Out

Please sign your child in and out of the classroom every day on the daily sheetThis is a state requirement. Do not allow children to run in the building or the parking lot unsupervised once you have picked them up. Once you have arrived on site, you are responsible for your child. The staff is no longer considered responsible at that point.

Security Codes

The immediate family of each child will choose a code to allow key pad entry into the building of their child’s attendance. This unique code should be guarded for everyone’s security. Extended family member and emergency contacts on record needing entry may ring the bell and be let in by a staff member upon visual identification. There is a space on your enrollment form to indicate your choice of a four digit security code. Your code should be something you will easily remember, however please do not choose obvious numbers (1234, for example). Birthdates, anniversaries or phone numbers are common choices. This code should not be given out to your children.

When entering your code on the keypad next to the entrance of each center, please carefully enter each number. Do not use the # sign. The door will unlock, however it will not swing open, and you may not be able to hear anything. The door at the Infant center unlocks for about 20 seconds to allow parents time to get young children inside. The door at the Preschool center remains unlocked for approximately 10 seconds.

Late Fee 

Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may have to pick up your child past 6:00 pm.  However, when this occurs on a regular basis there will be a charge of $20.00 for every 15 minutes past 6:05 pm as follows:  6:05 pm-6:20 pm — $20 charge; and $20.00 for any subsequent 15 minutes or portion of it.  Needless to say, if you ever have an emergency our Staff at the centers are here to assist you in any way possible.  Our staff is paid by the day care until 6:00 pm; therefore any late fee goes directly to paying the staff member who stays with your child.

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“We cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for us over the last 3 years. Because of you and your loving care our children have grown immensely into wonderful little people. We truly consider you all a part of our extended family and know we and the kids will really miss you. Thanks for sharing in our joys, tears and frustrations of parenting and beyond. You all are amazing. -Family of three children enrolled from Infancy through PreK
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