Health & Safety Policies

Health & Illness

Health Records

All children are required to have a complete physical and their vaccination record should be up to date.  All families need to submit an immunization record and a Universal Child Health Record prior to their start date.  According to State guidelines, a new Universal Child Health Record form needs to be completed every year when your child has their annual physical.  In addition, separate vaccination records should be filled in and signed by your doctor when new vaccinations are administered.


Parents must have alternate care for their children when they are sick. A child who is contagious (i.e. severe cold, strep throat, conjunctivitis, etc.) should remain at home at least 1-2 days after consulting with your physician. Do not bring children who have had fevers of 101.5*, vomiting, or diarrhea within the past 24 hours.  Once a child is symptom free for over 24 hours (without fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.) or a health care provider indicates that the child poses no serious health risk to himself or herself or others, the child may return to the center.  We are very strict about this in order to stop the spread of infection.  The Director will be the determining factor if there are questions regarding your child’s return to the center.

If your child has strep pharyngitis, the child needs to be on antibiotics for 24-48 hours and without fever for 24 hours before he or she returns to school.  PLEASE remember you must bring a note from your doctor stating that your child can return to school.  Your child cannot come to the day care if he or she does not have a note.

If a child becomes ill while at the center, we will make every attempt to notify you immediately.  We ask that you have constant access either to a regular phone, cell phone, or email where we can reach you in case of illness or emergency.  Children who are suspected of having a contagious illness or a high fever will be separated from the class, or kept in the office until they are able to be picked up.  We ask that someone be available to pick up sick children within one hour of being contacted.


We administer over the counter and prescription medication if needed.  All medicine administered by the day care needs to be clearly labeled in its original container with the child’s name and the dosage.  A non-prescription form needs to be signed by the parent.  In addition, we administer nebulized medications (usually for asthma or reactive airway disease). There is a nebulizer machine at each center that can be used to provide inhaled medication; you must provide sterile tubing and a mask or mouthpiece.  A permission for administration of prescription medication form needs to be completed and signed by a doctor before we give any medicine to your child. We will not be able to administer medicine if the above procedures are not followed. Please note – administering medicine to children is a courtesy provided by Santa Fe.  If you require a Prescription or a Non-Prescription form please access from our website under forms.

Outside Time

We require extra sets of clothing for each child appropriate to the season and size labeled with their names.  We require all of our children to go outside on a daily basis.  Each center will provide you with an outside chart as a guideline.  If you feel your child should not go outdoors, you will need to make arrangements to keep your child out of the center for the day.  All children need to wear supportive footwear to encourage their active play outdoors.

Lunches and Snacks

WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY PEANUT OR NUT PRODUCTS AT EITHER CENTER DUE TO LIFE THREATENING ALLERGIES.  (We require full disclosure of food sensitivities as we provide cooking/food experiences within most classrooms)

We have microwaves available in each room to warm the children’s food.  We ask that you bring your child’s food in microwaveable containers so that we do not need to use additional paper plates.  We are working hard to keep the centers as “green” as possible.  In fact, part of our curriculum speaks to caring for the planet we live on.


We have a refrigerator in the infant room.  Each infant has their own basket in the refrigerator, and a separate basket to store dry cereal and jarred food.  Opened jarred food will be thrown out after two days; formula will be discarded one hour after being first fed. Please place any items needing refrigeration in your infant’s basket in the morning.  All infant bottles must be pre-mixed and already in feeding bottles.  Mixed or opened formula should not be stored for more than one day.  Please be sure to label each bottle.

Mobile Infants and Older Children

Please provide lunch and snacks.  These should be kept in an insulated bag with an ice pack.  There is no space for the older children to refrigerate their meals.  Milk, or other perishable items, will be thrown out immediately to prevent spoilage if they are not consumed.

Please bring enough food to include two snacks a day.  We expect parents to provide enough food choices for their child.  The snacks should be varied and nutritional.  Fruits and vegetables are encouraged.  Trying new foods is a challenge for children at times and we will cheerfully present your choices to them at appropriate times.  As your children mature, they become increasingly responsible for setting up their lunches and cleaning their areas.   When transitioning from a bottle, please provide a container with a straw type of opening.  This excludes sippy cups as they do not provide the opportunity to use more of their oral muscles for the development of speech.  At the Pre-K Center, children require a water bottle with a tight closing lid daily to help them maintain hydration.


Birthdays can be celebrated here at the day care.  Parents often bring in a special snack.  The children enjoy these celebrations very much.  We ask that “goodie bags” not be brought to the center.  If you are sending home invitations for a party, through the center, every child in the class must be invited.

Toys from Home

We encourage you to keep toys at home.  If your child brings a toy into the day care it is best that s/he puts it in their basket or cubby right away.  It is very difficult for the children to share their special toys and this creates many problems.  We cannot be responsible for any toy brought from home.  Nap toys (soft animals or dolls only) can be kept in the child’s basket or cubby for naptime use.  In addition, we ask that no jewelry be brought to the centers.

Arrival & Departure Safety

When arriving or leaving the centers please drive slowly as you enter the driveways.  You are expected to STOP when you see a STOP sign. Do not leave cars left idling while dropping off your child.  Please hold your child’s hand when walking in the parking lots and ensure that your child walks along side of you.   As you leave the centers, adults should open the door of the school and hold their child’s hand.  Please allow yourself enough time to pick up and drop off your child.

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