Toilet Training Policy

Before you begin the process of “Potty Training” you must first communicate with your child’s lead teacher. It is necessary for home and school to work together to achieve success with a minimum amount of related stress. The purpose of toilet training is to help children gain control of their body functions. Children must be ready to participate willingly if the process is to be a positive one. The child is ready when he or she is consistently dry for long periods during the day, awakening after a full night’s sleep and when awakening from naps. If the child is ready, the process of toilet training can become a sign of great success and achievement for the child’s own sense of self-esteem.

Toilet accidents are a normal aspect of a child’s potty training process. Toilet learning/training is not instant nor is it accomplished overnight. Achievement is gradual and requires calmness, patience, and understanding. When accidents occur clean up calmly, and reassure them that next time they will remember to use the potty. Children should not be shamed, scolded or punished for accidents.

Regression is common in toddlers and can usually be attributed to a reaction to stress and pressures the child is experiencing (i.e. separation from parents, a new baby, starting day care, moving, ect.).

To help your child with this process Santa Fe requires that:

  • Children have four sets of weather appropriate clothing (shirt, pants, underwear, socks, etc.) and an extra pair of shoes.
  • Children wear clothing that is easy to remove in a hurry. A child must be ready to act on an urge to potty immediately.
  • Avoid tight snaps, coveralls, belts, buttons, and onesies. Velcro fasteners are ideal.
  • Children move directly from disposable diapers to cloth underpants (we do not use pull-ups).
  • Children arrive and leave wearing underpants daily.
  • A commitment to consistent use daily at home and on the weekends.

If your child has an accident, we will remove the clothing from the child and put directly into a plastic bag if reasonable (we will not rinse them due to sanitation restrictions). You will need to check daily for bags that need to be taken home for laundering.

Common toileting times are:

  • Before and after snacks and lunch
  • Before and after playground time
  • Before and after rest time
  • When the child has the urge

If after a trial period your child significantly regresses we would possibly recommend putting your child back into diapers.

Is your child ready?

If you and your child are ready, please download, sign and print the toilet training policy form and return it to your child’s lead teacher.

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