“Thank you so much for the wonderful care for our child.  She very much enjoyed your class and learned a great deal.  We much appreciate all your hard work and input into her development.”

– Sincerely, Family of child enrolled from age 2 through Kindergarten


“Words cannot express how much you’ve touched our lives.  You’ve nurtured and loved and empowered both our children.  You’ve made us better parents and we will never forget you.  I’m sure in 20 years we will be laughing with the kids saying “Remember when Miss ***** said, did… We cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve done for our family all these years – you make this world a better place every day!”

-Love,  Family of 2 children enrolled from Infancy through PreK


“Words cannot express how thankful our family is to have had you in our lives!  My son is on his way to developing into a “fine young man”, and that is in no small part due to you!  Thank you for all your caring, patience, and life lessons that he (and Mom & Dad) will carry with us forever!”

-With Love, Family of child enrolled fron Infancy through PreK


“We are very delighted with how well our daughter is doing.  Every day that she is at school she learns something new and that is a direct result of the way that the school is managed.  We came to Santa Fe because it was so highly recommended by our friends, their friends and acquaintances.  The bar was pretty high, and one might even start to think that Santa Fe is the standard by which other center’s should be judged.  You should also know that Santa Fe has exceeded our expectations in every way.  We are so blessed that she has the opportunity everyday to be exposed to new experiences, that she is making friends and looks forward to going to school.  Thank you for providing a place and creating an environment where our daughter can grow, learn and thrive.”

-Warmest regards, Family of child enrolled since Infancy


“Thank you to Santa Fe for the excellent childcare given to my child.  My daughter has developed immensely in the past year and I’ve notice a great improvement in her language and social development.  Just 7 months ago, my little one wasn’t very verbal and was a bit bashful. sometimes even clinging on to us and her previous teachers in situations where she became afraid to participate in activities with other children.  Now she is a confident, sociable toddler who can communicate in full sentences and loves to play with her classmates instead of playing independently.  I give full credit to the teachers and their program that changed my daughter for the better.  Knowing my child is so happy and interested in learning has made the transition easier and worthwhile in terms of our move from New York to New Jersey.”

-Sincerely, Father of child enrolled in PreK and registered for Santa Fe Kindergarten for Fall 2014


“We feel extremely comfortable with the way you have set up your daycare center and the philosophy/people that come with that.  We feel very lucky to have found you and many of the staff to take care of our boys and, as being foreign, could not have found a nicer and more open-minded environment than at Santa Fe.  The way our boys have developed over the last 2 years is remarkable and in many ways might well have been faster/better than how things would have developed back in the Netherlands.  We thank you for that very much.

-Thank you, Family of children enrolled from age 3


“We cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for us over the last 3 years.  Because of you and your loving care our children have grown immensely into wonderful little people.  We truly consider you all a part of our extended family and know we and the kids will really miss you.  Thanks for sharing in our joys, tears and frustrations of parenting and beyond.  You all are amazing.

-Family of three children enrolled from Infancy through PreK


“Thank you for taking care of our daughter for the past 2 1/2 years.  She has learned so much from you have the two of us.  Your love of teaching shines through your every action.  We are grateful to have had you in our lives.  Our daughter’s love of learning is a direct reflection of you.  She proudly announces often that you are the “smartest person in the world!”  Thank you again!

-With love, Family of child enrolled from age 2 through Kindergarten


“We are both so happy that our son enjoyed PreK/K and camp!  It is not easy to send your only child to school/camp, but seeing what fun he had made it so much easier, we know we have to thank all the special teachers and assistants at Santa Fe for that!  Our son’s last two years have been especially special.  To see how he’s grown and to see how proud he is of himself with all he has learned is simply amazing!  We are so very proud of all he has accomplished so far.  The activities you plan, the room you decorate, the friendships you help foster— it’s all incredible!  Thank you for everything!

-Family of child enrolled from Infancy through PreK


“Santa Fe has been a place of nurturing, of fun, of blossoming spirits and precious friendships formed.  Both of our girls are emerging from Santa Fe as radiant, excited about school and confident in themselves.  Thank you for your love, your patience, and all you do to make this school a fabulous part of the foundation for young lives.”  Thank you so much for everything that you do for my daughter every day.  There is no way that we can thank you enough for doing the most important job for our daughter and our family.  You touch all of our lives every day!!

-With our deepest gratitude and thanks, Family of two children enrolled at age 3 & 4

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"Thank you so much for the wonderful care for our child. She very much enjoyed your class and learned a great deal. We much appreciate all your hard work and input into her development."

- Sincerely, Family of their child enrolled from age 2 through Kindergarten
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