The beginning of school is always filled with paperwork for the start of elementary school and I know it is time consuming to get to everything but becoming an active part of your child’s school days will lead to rewards in the future.  So stay involved with whatever you can do so that you get to know the children, parents and the community.

Here at Santa Fe we do send out news from the older classrooms every week and periodically from the younger groups.  Please read and ask questions of your children to encourage the development of speech as well as critical thinking as they continue to mature.  I do try to send out a newsletter every 1-2 months to keep all of you informed about the overall centers as well as the individual rooms. 

The beginning of the year starts off with the transitioning of our children to the next classroom and this last week has proven to be a very encouraging and easy transition for all.  I have had the opportunity to speak with each of the teachers and all are very happy with the ease and comfort displayed by the children.  We realize that at times when you drop the children off, there may be some tears and tugs at your heart strings but please know that they quickly get involved and start their day as soon as you leave.  As long as you display your confidence in us and give them a hug and kiss with the promise to return, they step up to the plate and show that they can carry on in your absence.  And they grow in confidence and assurance in the process themselves.  Try to use verbal reassurance more than toys or comfort objects as they are not permanent.  Your faith in them and your reassurance is and that just helps a child become stronger.

Parent Night for the Pre-K and K Class Tuesday, September 29th
Parent Staff Meetings – Location:  ITC Oct. 7th, Dec. 2, Mar. 2, 2016, May 4, 2016
Photography Days Oct. 13 at the ITC, Oct. 14 at the PKC
Santa Fe Harvest Festival Saturday, October 17th
Hillview Farms Field Trip – Butterflies Class, Pre-K & Kinder Thursday, October 22 – children go to the Pumpkin Farm
Parent Education Meetings – Location:  ITC Nov. 4, 2015, Feb. 3, 2016, April 6, 2016

I would hope that many of you will be able to attend the first Parent Staff Committee Meeting.  If you have any questions regarding the purpose of this meeting, please contact your classroom rep and/or Molly Smith who has willingly accepted another year in the position of Chair.

Please welcome our new families: the Wilson family in the Cuddly Cubs, the Batten family in the Munchkins, the Meyzin and the Judge families in the Caterpillars and Pre-K, the Kim family in the Caterpillar room and the Clayton family in the Butterfly room.  It has been very exciting welcoming these families as they seek a natural and creative environment for their children to grow and develop.

Big Jeff and Stretch N Grow return on a regular basis.  CATCH exercises are led formally by Ms. Ro, our very own personal trainer.  She speaks Spanish and Italian during her classes.  Music with Maggie twice a week.  Foreign languages throughout the day. All of these activities are in addition to the music and movement provided by our classroom teachers.

Enjoy the wonderful fall weather.