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From 12 weeks old to Kindergarten, Santa Fe Childcare nurtures a free-play, inquisitive environment, where kids can learn, socialize and enjoy all the benefits of childhood learning.
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We promote children’s growth socially, emotionally, and intellectually all while working towards excellence in care. The children spend their days involved in hands-on learning activities as they explore the world around them and experiment with a wide range of available materials and equipment. Foreign language, vocal music, and fitness programs are part of the curriculum at Santa Fe.
In the end, we’re all about keeping kids active. We love our yard and so do the kids. At the Pre-K Center, we have multiple play areas on an acre of land where we maximize outdoor play and exposure to nature. We make sure the children enjoy the outdoors daily from digging to sledding – regardless of the season. Our unique fitness program includes assessments of your children as it relates to physical activity and development.

Infant & Toddler

Our goal at the infant/toddler center is to provide the children with a family-like atmosphere where they can spend their days in a loving, relaxed manner. We work closely with families to provide a satisfying schedule for your child to ensure their optimal growth in all developmental spheres.

We welcome infants 12 weeks or older. As our Santa Fe babies grow into active toddlers, we encourage them to explore in an unrestricted environment. You won’t see infants sitting in swings and bouncy seats – they are exploring the safe open space around them with loving teachers by their side. Our teachers offer a variety of child-directed activities as well as opportunities to practice their developing new skills. Children enjoy exploring sensory play experiences such as playing with sand, water & painting.

Located at 1441 Springfield Avenue


Our program curriculum provides opportunities for social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth at all age levels. There are three classrooms at our center. The individual classrooms are structured around a variety of learning centers including art, music/movement, building, sensory, science and math. Each is organized to encourage individual and group choices. The center provides activities for the learning of readiness skills including numbers, letters, and colors, writing and using scissors. Our goal is for each child to gain competence in the areas of self-reliance, self-regulation and self-esteem.

Pre-K Groups

  • Caterpillars: 2.5 years – 3.5 years
  • Butterflies: 3.5 years – 4 years
  • Pre-K: 4 years – 5 years
  • Kindergarten: 5 + years (as available)

Located at 1496 Springfield Avenue
(across from Infant Center)

Full Day Kindergarten & Wrap Program

We provide a combined pre-K and/or full-day Kindergarten option as well as a Kindergarten Wrap Around program. We offer a small class size where kids are given individual attention.  Our teachers are smart and creative – you have to meet them! The goal is to ensure our children are first-grade ready when they leave Santa Fe. You can attend Santa Fe for full day (7:00 am – 6:00pm), part time (8:30 am – 3:30 pm) or supplemental care after Kindergarten via our Wrap Around Program.

Summer programs

Summer camp at Santa Fe Centers is an experience to remember! Each summer we select a theme to enrich the camp experience. For example, one year our theme was The Olympics. The kids learned about cultures of the world. With the help of families, they heard stories and enjoyed food, dress, music and language from other lands. They even conducted their own Olympic Games! Another year the theme was National Geographic Kids: Animal Habitats. Not only did the kids learn in the classroom but they visited the local library, supermarket, Farmer’s Market and other local places to reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom (some of these activities on hold due to COVID).

With nearly an acre of land, there is ample space for the children to spend a lot of time outdoors climbing, running, riding bikes/big wheels, planting, chasing butterflies or playing tag and enjoying summer at its best. The program runs the entire summer with full day and half day options. Registration is open to everyone. However, our alumni and siblings of children enrolled at Santa Fe have priority. Camp is popular and fills up fast so be sure to register early.


Santa Fe offers enrichment classes free of charge to Center families. Check out our offerings. 

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