My goodness, this week has been a whirlwind with all the wonderful activities.  We started the week with the New Providence Fair, very well attended by everyone from New Providence, Summit and the surrounding communities. I thank all of you for your visit to our booth and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

The Harvest Fiesta was incredible and I want all the parents to know that the teachers were amazed by the turnout and the excitement of the children was awesome.  I had a lot of help organizing the pumpkins, getting the tablecloth on, putting napkins out, serving donuts.  Those Pre K/ K students could organize any one of our parties with ease.  They also helped Noah and Ms. Meagan set out the pumpkins, set up the obstacle course and/or help Ms. Ro get that music started.

Then to just round out our week the Pre/K and the Butterfly class went to the pumpkin farm to get more pumpkins.  Hard to believe we can fit so much into one week but we did and thank you to all the parents who helped with the trip.

I wanted to spend a few moments letting all of you know that we are happy to have on board Ms. Rebecca who comes to us with a really great background in Early Childhood.  In the past few weeks I have seen and heard language that all of us can relate to from Ms. Rebecca.  Her suggestions have been top notch and her willingness to jump right in has won over Ms. Meagan, Ms. Ro, Mr. Noah and myself.  I can see that she critically looks at activities provided to evaluate what the end goal is and does this meet the need of the child or children?  Please continue to welcome her and let us know if you wish to participate in any of our activities.

In addition to Ms. Rebecca, we will also be welcoming Ms. Maria, who will be our new Assistant Director helping Marilyn and I keep it all together.  She will start on Monday so many of you will get to meet and greet her as we celebrate Halloween. Here is a message from Ms. Maria herself:

Hi Santa Fe Friends! My name is Maria Clifford. I am an Educator, a Mother and Wife. My background is in Communication and Linguistics. I started out in a corporate office as a Communication Specialist and found it was not fulfilling. I have always loved children and found that I wanted something more in life. I pursued my Education degree and started working for a daycare. I love it! I have been so fulfilled in these past years and hope to continue to help educate children so they may enjoy life to its full potential. I hope to become close with all my families here at Santa Fe and become part of your family.

Once again, thank you so much for your support and for your hard work as we continue to care for your children.